Onam Feast

Every year South Indian people they celebrate Onam Festival. Yesterday was the festival day, the most important things about onam are new dress worn on this day and onam sadya ( set of rice with varieties of curry and dessert). At least there will be 7 dish. As usual i had prepared the sadya rice including the payasam also (sweet rice puding). People enjoyed their meals with hand and using banana leaves as
During Onam, people create a multi-coloured floral decoration on the ground in the front of their home called pookkalam.

Here some items i had prepare yesterday ;) To know about onam Festival clik here http://www.onamfestival.org/


  1. wih dong gedange kok yo ono sing seger Li? ning kene onone frozen...kuwi jg kadang gampang suwek..

  2. Wow you celebrated onam.
    Happy onam to you and family.
    I didn't do anything , just made a payasam.
    When i rang my sis she was saying to me how they enjoyed their onam sandhya and that all three different payasom she made was delicious and her hand was still smelling to the sambar drool.

  3. Happy Onam :)
    wah dadi pgn tuku parata nih wingi ktm sek frosenan nek toko asia
    iki ndak sek vegetarian ?

  4. Hi Lia!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am already wow-ed by your blog! Such a nice Indian spread.