Pisang Rai

-banana (special for fry/plantain)
-1/2 cup water
-pandan leaves
-1 cup rice flour
-grated coconut

1. Place flour in bowl and make well in the middle, add salt and water
2. mix well until batter evenly smooth to coated (medium thickness)
3. Bring to boiled 1 liter water with add some salt and pandan leaves
4. then coated banana into flour batter and deep boiled into water approximately 10 min
5. drain from the excess water and coated with steam grated coconut
6. sprinkle with sugar


  1. iki dessert ala india yoo.. ketoke aku tau moco :D kyk getuk gedang yoo soale diurap kr klopo parut

  2. This dessert is very interesting. I never seen or eaten it before.