Fish Thoran

I'm back finally! hehehhehe, after had a summer vocation, iam being to lazy updating my blog. For sometimes i'm keeping away to take photograph ^_* I've tried this food while we were visited one of our friend and having lunch in their home,i love it ;)

I saw lady fish yesterday in supermaket and decided to make fish thoran, the famous and delicious dish from Kerala. The speciality was green mango slice. making this food extremely delicious, the sourness of the mango mixed with spices together.


-small fresh sea fish, u can use lady fish (anchor or macarel even fish fillet) 500 gr
-green mango 1, remove the skin and cut juilane ( u can subtitute with green tomato)
-onion 1 big size chopped

Ground to paste:
-grated coconut 1/2 cup
-green chili 5, split into two
-turmeric powder 1 tsp
-cumin seed 1/2 tsp
-chili powder 1/2 tsp

-oil 2 spoon
-mustard seed 1 tsp
-curry leaves 1 spring
-dry red chilis 2

1. Grind to paste all the spices and keep a side

2. clean and drain the fish and keep in the frying pan, add mango slices and onion, and the paste.

3. stir for 1 min but careful while your mixing do not over mix otherwise fish get broken

4. cook with medium flame and let fish get cooked and water has absorb

5. in another pan heat oil then add mustard seed until cracker, add dry red chilis and curry leaves stir for 1 sec. Finally add this season to fish and serve hot with rice


  1. Welcome bake! Isn't it great to produce something you had at your friend's house? I got inspiration from eating at someone else house too. ;)

  2. wah kayaknya enak, tapi aku selalu bikin fish ancur2an bangettt hahaha

  3. keliatan endanggg Li..:D, jadi pengen ikutan makan :D

  4. Little corner: yes, sometimes our friend having great recipe to share

    Rita: ikan ini juga agak hancur loh, tapi rasanya top deh asem kecut pedes

    Elsye: mirip sama botok kita Elsye, pedes, asem ada kelapanya enak deh