Tofu tikka masala


I went to Indian restaurant last week and got suprise there was menu "tofu tikka" which is vegetarian version instead using chicken. Here i share with you tofu tikka masala but i made bit modification from chicken tikka recipe. A good variation to cook tofu and more healthy because consumed less oil. For spicy lover i guess may enjoy tofu tikka, its crunchy and rich of flavour ;)

-1 blok tofu, cut into pieces
-2 spoon oil

For the spices:
-garlic powder 1 tsp
-chili kashmiri powder 1 tsp
-coriander pow 1 tsp
-cumin powder 1/5 tsp
-blackpapper pow 1/4 tsp
-1/2 tsp gingre pow or fresh
-1 tsp paprika pow
-food colouring (i dont use)
grind all the paste and make thick paste

Marinated tofu with the spices min 1 hour then grill until both side cook

Serve with yogurt raita


  1. Liaaa...ini doyanan misuaku..:P tapi aku belum pernah bikin...qiqiqi,thankss resepnya yooo

  2. Oh yummy!! I am going to try this one for sure. Thanks for the recipe...

  3. wahh sip sip sip eksotik bangettttt

  4. Grilled tofu? Wow, never try it before, thanks for the idea. Definitely should try it when I have time to grind the paste.

  5. Aduuuuh jeng, ini pasti enak sekali yak ...nyam nyam pingin.