Pipes Tuban


Pipes tuban one of our tradional dessert, easy to made and always yearned for. My mom she used to made this dessert when we had left over bananas. No one like banana fruit but if has been cooked in "pipes tuban" definetelly everybody could enjoy. Originally pipes tuban covered with banana leaves because very diffucult to found here i used alumunium cup as subtitute.

Banana/ plantain 2
coconut milk 100 gr
egg beaten 2
sugar 50 gr ( u can add more if u prefer sweet)
vanila essence 1/4 tsp
salt little

cut banana into small pices then mix all the ingiderents. take 2 spoon banana batter then covered into banana leaves repeat until batter has finished. steam for 20 min

for option: u can pour all the batter into baking dish then steam for 20-30 min. serve cold or hot


  1. wah sedep iki Li... ambune tekan kene :)

  2. Did you know that there is a city in East Java province of Indonesia, Tuban?

  3. AG: sayang ga duwe daun pisang giks

    Peppy: yups i went there 4 years ago, i have alot family who was staying in east java :D

  4. pais pisanggggggg....ngiler lg deh.

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  6. Liaaaaaa.... apa kabar say... hiks... perasaan kapan itu ada comment kamu di blogku... aku cari gak ketemu-temu... lha yang aku cari lia bukan spice corner...wakakakk...

    aduh sayang ya gak bisa liat flickr, padahal aku mesti upload disitu. Banyak belajar dari situ jek... sekali-kali aku upload dari photo bucket deh demi diko ^___^

  7. wow...enak buanget iki pasti kekekeke...aku iki penggemar berat gedang...(minta tanda tangan dunk) qiqiqiqiq