Orange Cake


Ya ya ya finally my cake turning well hehehehe. After had break cause baking blue (rested baked because of failure previously). Its perfect and off course moist on the texture. I used silicon mould so easly to remove cake from the tray :)

-egg 4
-all purpose flour 2 3/4 cup
-orange juice 1 cup (fresh one is better)
-2 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp orange grated orange skin
-1 tsp orange essence
-sugar 2 cup (i used 1 1/2 and its perfect for me)
-oil 1/2 cup

1. shifted flour and baking powder together and keep a side
2. whisk egg and sugar until floofy with high speed, gradually add flour.
3. Mix with other ingiderent with spatula
4. Pour the cake batter into mould and baked for 40-45 min


  1. wah ketok ayu tenan roti jeruke.. cucok nggo tema paskah. Met paskah yo Lia..eh nek AD ndak preinan?

  2. AG: maturnuwon ucapannya ya Yind, disini paskah dan natal ga ada libur tapi biasanya pegawai meliburkan diri alias cuti hehhee

  3. I love orange cake. I love the citrusy smell of the cake and the burst of flavor when I bite into the zest. Delicious!