Gado gado siram

Gado gado is traditionaly Indonesian salad, mix vegetables with peanut sauce dressing. It sold widely in Indonesia and u can find easy from restaurant up to vendor market. The taste is sweet in eastern Java and salty in western Java. The traditional way of making gado gado was used stone grinder to prepare the peanut sauce. The peanut sauce poured on top of vegetables before served.

Since iam living in "desert" i used vegetables which is available here, even that not reduced the savory :D

For gado gado salad:

Boiled Mix vegetables ( carrot, beans, cabbage, potato, kangkong, long string beans, or any type as u like), tomato, boiled egg, fried tofu, crackers.

For peanut sauce:

ground fried peanuts with most of the oil drained off (u can substitute with peanut butter and peanut oil) 200 gr
garlic 3
palm sugar (can be substituted for brown sugar) 50 gr
red chili 3
lemon or lime juice 1/2

terasi (dried shrmp/fish paste) 1/2 tsp
Indonesian sweet soy sauce 1-2 spoon
lemon kafir leaves 2

Grind all the ingiderent using food processor then add hot water to make thick paste. Pour into vegetables salad and served immdiately


  1. Hi Lia,
    Nice gado2.Eh y dont have the keropok udang?

  2. Sue sue: thanks, i dont have stocked for kerupuk udang :((

  3. Lia, another great meal! :)

  4. Anh: thanks, do u wanna try gado gado? :)

  5. mo tak kirimi krupuk udang ? stok melimpah neh huehehehe.... wah lama ga masak gado-2 jd pengen. Biasane sih suami yg request...

    Eh Li..gado-gadomu mbok weki garam masala pora? kikikiki.... biar kang mas doyan makan :D

  6. aku juga baru mau buat gado2 lia, ayooo gado hehehe...

  7. what is kangkong?, never heard of it before..well I see you use frequently lamon kafir (i donno that too) but the salad looks yummy with that traditional peanut spread..tx for sharing!

  8. Ag: hehehhehe thanks Yind, disini ya gampang kerupuk udang ditoko Indonesia banyak tapi aku males goreng kerupuk :P
    lah masku ga doyan gado gado, aneh sate doyan pdhal sama sama pake saus kacang ya :D

    Isha: ayooo bumil bikin gado2 biar baby sehat kan veggy semua :D sibuk ya skg?? lama ga ol :D

    Padma: kangkong and lemon leaves are common used in asian dish, i guess u can find easly in the asian market.
    For the details about kangkong and kafir leaves click here

  9. Li bhs inggrise kangkung is chinesse morning glory, kl ga tau lg ya water spinat. Nek ruh meneh yo... mbuh.... kiikikkikii

  10. Ayind: hehehheheheh aku malah ga modeng bahasa inggris e opo masalah e disini disebeut kangkong, thanks wes dikandani :D btw kowe gak tau ol ym ya???

  11. jarang online aku neng YM...( lg seneng ngeblog seh huahahaha )paling nek pgn telpun yo nggo SKYPE..murmer.. wingi aku njajal tlp hp'mu AD..walahh larange puoooll..ra sido tlp hihihi. Ono no omah ra Lia ?

  12. Lia,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks great. If you're into spices, please check out my blog archives -- there's a high-quality spice shop where I live that I did a story about. The store has been called the "Cartier of peppercorns."

  13. Looks exotic and yummy Lia :-)

  14. liked your gado gado salad.

  15. I made Gado Gado before and simply love it. All the vegetables, bland, and got a burst of flavors from the peanut sauce. Yummy!

  16. Labu siam nya bikin ngiler deh Liaaa....mauuuuuuuuuuuuu

  17. kerupuk udang ama empingnya mana :D

  18. Ag: aku ga duwe telp omah Yind, durung pasang soale pengen pindah meneh hihihihihi. yo wes sms an wae nek telp larang ya, thanks :)

    Kelly: hi thanks for visiting here, for sure i will take a look ur story about spices :)

    Sirisha: thanks, do u wanna to try? :D

    Seec: thanks its yumm and healthy :)

    Retno: ayo mba sini lagi pesta gado gado nih *_*

    Tigerfish: sometimes i was craving Indonesian food, gado gado even simple but always homey, thanks :)

    Mariena: sini dunk mba rame rame makan gado gado :D

    Andaliman: ga punya stok kerupuk udang ama emping huhuhuhuhu, beli ada sih cuman males :D