Cassava & fish curry

Cassava (kappa) and fish curry is tradionally food from Kerala, South India. Boiled cassava is normally eaten with spicy fish curry. This is one of my hubby's soulfood. When i served cassava and fish curry i could see happinest on his eyes, he can ate more than ordinary :D

For fish curry:

King fish 1 kg, kasmiri red chili powder 2 spoon, turmeric powder 1 tsp, ginger ground 1 tsp, onion 1/4 cup, curry leaves 2 spring, kadampuli 5 pieces, oil, mustard seed 1 tsp, fenugrek 1/2 tsp, salt as required.

Grind chilli powder, coriander, turmeric, and ginger to a paste. Soak the ‘Kodampuli’ in one cup of water. Heat oil in the pan . Splutter mustard seeds. Fry the cut onions and ginger, when brown add 1 cups of water, salt and soaked Kodampuli together with water. Boil and add fish pieces. Allow it to boil again. Add fenugreek powder and cook till gravy thickens and stir it occasionally. Season it with curry leaves. Remove from fire.

For cassava (kappa)

Cassava 1/2 kg, turmeric powder 1 tsp, salt, mustard seed, onoin 1 big size chopped, green chili 2 split into two, curry leaves 5.

Boiled cassava with salt and turmeric powder until soft then smash it while its hot. Heat oil in the pan then add mustard seed and saute onoin, green chili and curry leaves. Add cassava and mix well, u can add salt if required. serve with fish curry.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm. Looks so good, I have never had cassava with fish - a new idea for me. Worth remembering.

  2. li gw doyan bgt fish curry,enakkkkk

  3. currrrryyyyyyyyy lageeeeeeeeee wakakkakakakakakak :)) :))

  4. Saju: this is south indian style, cassava served with fish curry, really interesting and good combination :)

    Lulu: ini pedez lho Lu, kalo gw tetep pake nasi makannya hehehehhe

    Ym: lah elo kan tau makanan kebangsaan ga boleh dilewatkan :) :)

  5. Cassava is new to me.
    Nice presentation.

  6. mangan tiwul yooo..... ? hehehe

    Li.. bojoku saiki lg gila masakan India..aku dadi bingun dw meh masak opo.. goro-2ne wingi pas neng Oslo tak jak mangan neng resto India ( akhire kesampean maem neng resto India ) bar mulih requeste aneh-aneh.....puyengg... saiki stok bumbu dapur ono garam masala dkk. Aku wes gae ciken biryani, ciken tika... currynya ntar dolo yee hehehe..... istirahat kokine...

  7. Oh, I haven't tried this before. but it sounds very yummy! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Am not so familiar with cassava though I know I've seen this before somewhere...just can't remember where :O ....this must be so appetizing with rice.

  9. Seec: do u never taste cassava? i guess cassava is familiar. u have to try it, its good and suitable for any dish :)

    AG: hooh koyo tiwul versi india kekekekeke, wah bagus dunk kalo gitu sering buka buka kamus resep india nih :D kamu mau link website resep masakan india yg oke??

    Anh: u are welcome, hope u enjoy Indian food :)

    Tigerfish: yups for me also i prefered rice, as Indonesian i can not survive without rice hehehehhe, cassava is widely used in Indonesia and India :)

  10. Wow what a comfy fish curry..kappa is a great combi for fish, I came to know recently..

  11. Padma: yes its really great combo, this is kerala traditional meal :)