Kue lapis

This snack original Indonesia, was made from the mixture rice and sago flour (tapioka flour), in fact the material was easy but needed high patience in the process of making it.

-rice flour 275 gr
-tapioka flour 100 gr
-sugar 300 gr (i used only 250)
-coconut milk 900 ml
-lemon leaves 5 peaces
-pandan leaves 1 pieces
-few drops food coloring, red and green
Boiled coconut milk, sugar, lemon leaves and pandan leaves, once it boiled let it cool and keep a side. Mix rice flour and sagoo flour then gradually add coconut milk. Stir frequenly and divide the paste into two colour, add each paste with few drops of food colouring.
Heat steamer then make one layer paste into pan, steam for 2 min then make another layer and steam again for 2 min, Repeat until paste has finished. Finally steam together for 1 hour. Let it cool the sliced it before serving.
Note: spray oil in the pan to avoid sticky and let it cool complete before sliced the cake.


  1. Beautiful! I admire your patience. Kue lapis takes so much time to make I think.

  2. Aduhh lia..rajin sekali dikau..coba hitung ada berapa lapis..pasti lama bikinnya...ikut nyicipin ah.