Green jackfruit curry

Young jackfruit

Jackfruit not only delicious when getting riped, in Indonesia people used to cooked the raw ones. There are somany varieties of food with young jackfruit as ingiderents.
Young jackfruit 750 kg remove the skin and cut into cubes, chicken 500 gr, long beans 10 pieces cut into small lenght, lemon leaves 3, bay leaves 2, macadamia nuts 5 pieces, shallot 1 big size sliced, garlic 4 cloves crushed, chili paste 2 spoon, coriander powder 2 tsp, jeera/ cumin 1/2 tsp, tamarin half inch (optional),thuick coconut milk 1/2 cup, water 1 cup, salt and sugar for taste.
Boiled jackfruit, chicken and add all the seasoning with 1 cup water, let it all get cook, min 40 min ( u can used pressure cooker until 2 vessel), u can add more water if u feel lest. Once jackfruit and chicken get cook add long beans and coconut milk, stir frequenly and let it boil one more time. Serve warm with jasmine rice


  1. I've only eaten the ripe ones. Do the young ones taste sour?

  2. wokandspoon: no its not, the young jackfruit doesnt have soury taste, u have to try its great for curry or any vegetables dish.

  3. Lia, asyiek banget ada nangka yg fresh ya disana. Disini adanya yg kalengan, klo yg udah mateng ada yg fresh..tapi muahalll.