Made from sticky rice flour (glutinous flour)that was shaped like small balls with the contents of coconut palm sugar afterwards was boiled in water boiled then was presented with the coconut grated.
Klepon is normally peddled together getuk and cenil (also was mentioned cetil) as snack in the afternoon or in the morning.
The colour klepon usually white or green depended appetite.
Klepon with the green colour must be added food colouring or from the leaves embroidered or the pandan leaves.
Recipe: klepon
-Glutinous rice flour 250 gr
-warm water 125 ml
-grated coconut 100 gr
-palm sugar 50 gr, grated
-salt 1/2 tsp
Mix glutinous four with salt then gradually add warm water, be careful when u add water, stop adding more water when u feel the dough is good enough to shaped. Take one spoon dough and filled it with palm sugar, then roll it again into small ball shaped. Repeat again until the dough has finished.
Boiled water then put the dough into boiling water for 10 min. Drained and keep a side let it cool.
Steam for 15 min grate coconut then served with klepon.


  1. Nyomot kleponnya Lia...jajan pasar kesukaanku niy.

  2. liaaaaaaa lempar kleponnya kesini, ini kalo dimedan nyebutnya buah melaka loh hehehe...

  3. Retno: tosssss dunk klepon itu enak banget yah ada sensasi muncrat gula jawanya dimulut yg bikin ngangenin :)

    I sha: nama boleh beda tapi tetep rasanya sama yah Sha kikiki, mau sini dunk ambil ndri :p

  4. addduuh...itu klepon...hijau menggoda gitu...dah lama pingin nyoba bikin klepon tapi blm2 aja. Lam kenal lagi yaa