Asinan sayur

Summer has arrived and the best dessert when the climate heated up was asinan.
There are many similarities between kimchi and asinan; the ingredients -- vegetables, chili and salt, among others -- and its taste, which is sour, sweet and hot. Both asinan and kimchi have many variants.
Asinan has at least two varieties; asinan sayur that is made from vegetables, and asinan buah that is made from fruits, such as papaya, pineapple and bangkuang or any sour fruits.
Although asinan is generally thought to originate from Bogor and Jakarta similar dish called sayur asin (salted vegetables) is also popular in Surabaya.
The ingredients of asinan sayur and sayur asin are almost the same cabbage, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, chili, peanuts.
Carrot 1 grated, cucumber 2 pieces sliced, green manggo 1 cut into small pieces, cabbage shreded, bean sprout 50 gr, roasted peanut.
For the sauce:
1 liter water, 3 cloves garlic crushed, red chili 6 pieces crushed, salt 1/2 tsp, 3 spoon vinegar, tamarin 1/2 inch and 100 gr palm sugar
Broth: boiled water with the red chilli soft and was heeded.Put palm sugar, salt, and the vinegar and tamarind.Cooked for a moment then refined, cool down.Washed clean vegetables, drained.Placed in the previous plate poured his broth.Kept in the refigerate at least 4 hours.Served cold with fried peanuts sowing


  1. Liaa...tega deh bikin ngilerrr, udah lama nggak makan asinan.

  2. Wow, another dish that I haven't heard of. It looks good! One day I'll have to go to Indonesia to try all this food!

  3. liaaa nyicip ya hehehe...