Beef Thai Noodles

Actually we didn't consume much of red meat, we prefer white meat such us chicken or fish. I have interested to joint this event after got invitation from Arfi (http://homemades.blogspot.com). I just came to know how was important meat to kept us balanced and stay healty. Iron deficiency anemia is told to be a common problem in most women, especially those who are pregnant and those who have heavy periods. The loss of blood after-natal sometimes can be a deathly trigger to drop the iron point to the lowest level which makes women feel uncomfortably dizzy and look pale. And meat are good source of iron as it contains the essential amino acids which we sometimes are lacking of. The intake of 100 grams of lean meat daily will gradually increase your iron . Hopely gradually we can increase our daily intake of meat and for this event i prepared "beef satay noodles" which is famous dish in Thailand. Beef satay noodles have a uniquie taste comparism between sweet, souness and peanut sauce made different taste of noodles.

Recipe: Beef stay noodles

-chowmean fresh noodless 450 gr, red meat 750 gr, peanut sauce 100 gr, coconut milk 1/4 cup, garlic 3 cloves crushed, 1 big size onion sliced, sweat and sour sauce 1/2 cup, salt, lemon juice 1/2 size.

Boiled meat until tender and add little salt, then cut into cubes keep aside. In Large pan heat little oil then saute garlic and onion for 3 min and stirring frequenly. Add peanut sauce, cocunut milk, and sweat and sour sauce, stir frequenly then add beef cubes. Add noodles on meat mixture and let it cooked one more time. Just before serving add some drop of lemon. Serve warm.