Chocolate puding

I made this puding for our special guest, they are my hubby friends, they has came and visited us last Friday. Outside the weather very hot so i thought the best dessert is puding. Yummy indeed when served cool ;)

Recipe: Chocolate puding
Low fat milk 700ml, chocolate powder 50 gr, sugar 125 gr ( i used only 100 gr), agar agar swallow globe 1 pack ( or u can use jelly).

For sauce: 100 ml milk, 1 spoon sugar, 1 tsp custard powder

Bring to boiled all the ingiderents for sauce, and chilled in the refigerator.
Mix all the ingiderents, stir frequenly and let it boiled. Pour into moul pan then let it cooled, keep in the refigerate min for 2 hour. Sliced and serve cool with the sauce.