Turmeric Juice

It might be strange to hear a beverage’s name turmeric juice. Back to my hometown, it’s a traditional beverage. I used to see in the early morning some women wearing Javanese traditional dress “kebaya” walking along to sell turmeric juice. Most Indonesian women, especially the Javanese women believe that turmeric juice helps to reduce body odor and the pain due to the period time. I used to brought turmeric juice every morning before. It’s easy to make but sometimes laziness attack me :p

Peeled 100 gr fresh turmeric then crush. Bring to boiled with adding 500 ml water and 50 gr palm sugar. U can add more sugar as desired. Let it boiled 2 times then take filter of the juice.

Served hot or cool with adding ice cube.

pic of woman taken from sunda-island.com

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