Dosa Recipe ( Indian breakfast)

Dosa is common for South Indian breakfast with varous accompany likes shambar and cutney.

Ingedirent for Dosa:
2 cups (360 g) rice
1/2 cup (90 g) split and husked Bengal Gram
1/2 tsp fenugreek seed
2 tsp salt
Oil for cooking dosas

  1. Soak rice, daal, and fenugreek seeds together overnight.
  2. Grind these ingredients together to a very smooth.
  3. Add the salt and enough water to make into a dropping consistency, and leave to rise for 5-6 hours, or overnight.
  4. Check consistency of the batter, and if needed, add enough water to make into a smooth pouring consistency.
  5. Heat tava (dosa pan) very hot, splash a little water over it, and with a ladle, immediately pour some batter onto it, spreading it thin, with a circular motion.
  6. Lower the heat and put a little oil around the edges. When edges start browning a bit, it is almost done.
  7. Served with chutney and sambhar
For chutney:
coconut 1 cup (freshly grated)
fresh green or red chilies 2 (chopped)
garlic 1 clove (optional)
water 1 cup
Salt as per taste

vegetable oil 1 tsp
black mustard seeds 1 tsp
urad dhal 1 tsp
curry leaf 1 spring


  1. Grind all the Ingredients, except seasoning
  2. Blend the mixture until it forms a coarse paste. Transfer it to a bowl.
  3. Heat the oil and when it is hot, add the mustard seeds and urad dhal.
  4. When the seeds start spluttering, add the curry leaves.
  5. Quicky stir the mustard seed mixture into the pureed coconut mixture.

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