Recently i was too lazy updating my blog, summer has arrived, i felt to lazy cooking and making photo, yup i do cooking but something easy. i don't want spend much time in kitchen as usuall. I made this fry chicken few days back, its Indonesian style fry chicken. I love to enjoy them with steam jasmine rice and sambal oelek :)

-chicken whole body 1 kg, cut into pieces
-kemiri 4
-sereh (lemon grass) 1 stick
-laos (galangal) 50 gr, grated
-garlic 3
-onion 5 small
-tamarin , small pieces, soaked in the water
-turmeric powder 1 tsp
-coriander powder 2 tsp
-salt as required

Grind to paste kemiri, onion, garlic and laos (galangal). Then bring to boiled chicken with all the ingiderents.
. Let chicken get cook and water has absorb.
Heat oil in the pan then deep fry chicken until brown colour. Serve with the gravy


  1. I love this type of spiced fried chicken, yummy!

  2. waduhhhh doyannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...enaknya makan pake tangan nasinya nambah...wohoooo

  3. judule kui opo Jeng ?

  4. sama kayak ritaaa...wakakakkaa..endangg soale