keripik tempe (tempeh crackers)


Actually tempeh crackers available in Asian store here, but i don't like the taste, its sweet instead of savory. Yes for me tempeh crackers should not be sweet but savory. Thats way i made it. Since tempeh was easy here so i prepared alot tempeh crackers and kept in the air container. I guess it will last for 2 weeks or even more. Yummy!


-tempe(h) 250 gr, slice thin 1/2 cm width
-rice powder 50 gr
-tapioka flour 2 spoon
-coriander pow 1/2 tsp
-turmeric pow 1/4 tsp
-salt as required
-lime leaves slice 1 tsp ( i dont use)
-kapur sirih 1/8 tsp *sorry i dont know in english*
-garlic crushed 1 tsp
-water as required
-oil for frying

mix rice powder and tapioka pow with water until medium consitency, mix well to get smooth batter, add salt and other ingidirents. Deep tempe into batter and deep fry until golden colour.
Drain from excess oil and let it cool, store in air tight jar.


  1. krispppiiiiii....halahhhh nangis aku, disini ra duwe tempe :(((

  2. wadowwww.... enake li, tempene mesti fresh yo cek gak ayem ?

  3. iki tuku opo gae dw :p
    resepe ada ndak ?

  4. It is always a great idea to have your favorite snack foods around! :)

  5. Elsye: waduh kesian disana ga ada tempe ya disini banyak aku masih pounya stok 6 lonjor nih kalo deket tak bagi :)

    Rita Bellnad: disini tempe selalu fresh malahan kalo baru dtg belom jadi 100 persen kd di angin2 seharian, maklum byk orang indo :D

    Ayinda: gawe dewe nooo wong tuku 1/2 kg rasane legi hiks akhire tak wehi asistenku, sek yo tak wehi resep

    Jenny: indeed :D thanks

  6. Wow, glad to know your blog, so full of tempting receipes. BTW, do you know how to make tempeh from scrath? I really want to eat tempeh so badly.