Banana cake w/ cream cheese frosting


There is no best treats like homemade cakes! my banana cake with cream cheese frosting was success last night. Everybody enjoyed and love it. The fragrant of banana was extremely came out, and the texture was moist and delicious :) Its simple and fall proff, even for beginner they can make something special for their family and relativies!


Source: my recipe book

-2 1/2 cup self raising flour
-banana approx 4, smash well
-baking soda 1 tsp
-caster sugar 1 cup
-oil 1 cup
-cinnamon pow 1 tsp (optional)
-egg 4

-1 pack cream cheese
-butter 60 gr
-1/2 lemon juice
mix with slow speed until smooth

1. Sieve the flour, cinnamon pow and baking soda, keep a side
2. Make hall in the center of flour mixture and break the egg
3. Blend together egg, flour and oil
4. Add the banana smash and whisk again until mixed through
5. Pour into prepare pan and baked until cake inserted in the center comes out clean
6. Cold in the wire rack and remove from the mould
7. Add the cream cheese frosting


  1. Mmmm...delicious! Which reminded me I haven't baked any cake in awhile. You made me want to bake a cake soon.

  2. nid laporane acara dinnere wingi iki cak'e yoo :D

  3. Little corner: its very simple u have to try it soon ;)

    AG: hooh tapine aku males meh moto siji2 soale kekeselen le masak dewekan :(