Pecel terong


I do love eggplant and tempeh, as they are good combination to serve with steam rice! me and mom we both love to travels. when i was in study in yogya, she visited me and then we went to some other city sometimes near by or even though quiet far. One day we went to Surabaya (East Jawa) its around 7 hours from yogya to reach there. After had along journey we both stop in the restaurant near by from the bus station. Small restaurant but quiet cozy and clean. Finally i choosed "pecel terong" its was something new for me. The taste was marvelous! the spices combined with coconut milk dipped into egglant and tempeh making great. They served pecel terong with traditional stone grindder "cobek"

egg plant 2, slice
tempeh 1 blok

-coconut milk 100 ml, boiled with low flame and careful donot overmix
-kemiri 2 (fry without oil)
-small onion 3
-garlic 2
-chili 2
-bird eye chili (rawit) 2 ---> u can add more of u like spicy
Grindd all the ingirents for sauce in the stone grindder then add the coconut milk.

-steam egg plant and tempe for 30 min and serve with the coconut milk sauce


  1. wah suka terong jg ya.... eh teronge dibakar luwih mantep jeng... sedep...
    apartemenmu digæ ngegrill iso nguing-2 yo alarme hehe

  2. I haven't come across this dish before. What is kemiri?

  3. halahhhh bikin ngecesss iki ..:)))