Balado udang (shrimp with chili paste)


Summer here was difficult to find seafood, even its available the price will be very high :( I found shrimp in the fish market yesterday, immidiately on my mind was balado udang. Same menus which is available in warteg also ^_^

-shirmp 1/2 kg remove the head and tails
-lemon 1
-chili paste & onion 2 spoon
-tomato 1, chunk
-galangal 1
-pete "sorry i don't know in english"
-salt as required

1. Wash and clean the shrimp with lemon then fry the shrimp until colour has changed. keep a side
2. Heat oil in the pan then saute chili paste until fragrant then add tomato and galangal.
3. Add pete and saute for another 5 min
4. Mix shrimp with chili paste and in the end add salt as required
5. Serve


  1. wingi aku gæ saus tiram Lia hehe....
    ra tak weki lombok wong nggo menune cah-cah je :D
    nek dikasi balado pedes gitu hayuuuuuukkk... aku dtg dg 2 piring nasi

  2. janjian ya Li sama Ayin, sama-sama masak udang... bikin ngiler :D

  3. Chili prawns! Love that with rice :)
    is the beans... petai beans ?

  4. Aku suka banget nih balado udang pake pete,hmmmm nyammmiii ^_^ ...