Tekwan or fish ball soup was originally food from Palembang, made from fish paste and tapioka flour that were shaped into balls, accompanied with vermecelli and mushroom.

Ingredients :

For stock:
-shrimp, shelled finally choped
-1 liter water
-25 gr chinese mushroom, soaked in water
-25 gr lili buds, soaked in water
-1 white radish, cut into juliane
-spring onion

For fish ball
-250 gr fish fillet
-100 gr tapioka flour
-1 egg whites
-water as required

For seasoning:
-garlic 4 cloves
-white papper

Method :
Roast the shrimp shells until they turn red.
Add 1 1/2 liters water, bring to the boil and simmer for 1/2 hour.
Strain the stock, reduce heat and continue to cook until the stock boils.
Fish Balls

Mix ingredients for fish balls.
Shape a teaspoon of mixture into balls.
Toss into boiling water until just cooked.

Heat little oil and sauté ground spices.
Add shrimps, mushrooms, lily buds and white radish.
Continue to fry until soft.
Add to the shrimp stock.
Before removing from heat, add fish balls, salt, spring onion and parsley.
Garnish with fried shallots and serve with chili sauce.


  1. tuku fish ball nek Asian Grocery kene okeh Lia hehe... wah sue ga gae iki.. udan-udan ngene syeger banget ketoke :)

  2. copy resepnya ya... lagi pengen ^____^

  3. This looks good and going to try out for my kids.

  4. kekeke pas aku ke palembang...customerku ada yg ngasih guyonan tentang "tekwan" tapi adult only euyyy hehehe