Gemblong ketan item


Black Gemblong which is main ingiderent from black glutinous rice powder, coconut shreded and coating with sugar. You can find easly this snack from the street vendor or night fair in Jakarta. The typical of this snack was chewy and sweet when being eaten. One of my snack favorite when i was still little girl :D

-black glutinous powder 150 gr
-white glutinous powder 50 gr
-1/2 tsp salt
-coconut shreded 150 gr
-150 ml coconut milk
-oil for frying

for coating:
-sugar 150 gr
-100 ml water

Mix the glutinous powder with coconut milk, greated coconut and salt, knead the dought for 5 min. divide the daugh into small ball and make oval shape.

Heat oil in the pan then fry the dough until colour has change (do not used big flame otherwise the dough will not get cooked inside). let it cool

Bring to boil sugar and water until start get thickness and coat gemblong untill all side covered with sugar


  1. This is new to me. Thanks for introducing it.

  2. This is so interesting, new to me too. But I don't see black glutinous flour here.