Sweet cassava

Cassava is widely eaten in Indonesia, and used as a staple food during hard times but has lower status than rice. It is boiled or fried (after steaming), baked under hot coals, or added to kolak dessert (cooking with coconut milk and sugar) . It is also fermented to make peuyeum and tape, a sweet paste which can be mixed with sugar and made into a drink, the alcoholic (and green) es tape. It is available as an alternative to potato crisps. Cassave young leaves also eaten as gulai daun singkong (cassava leaves in coconut milk), urap (javanese mix vegetables). In my hometown, my grandpa he used to planted cassave in our farm. On my childhood, we plugged fresh cassava root from the the tree and grilled it, its really wonderful taste when eaten from the fresh one compared with the frozhen cassava.

Sweet cassava known as Thailand dessert, usually served after main dish or as appertizer. I prefer keep in the refigerate before serving :)

Recipe: sweet cassava

cassava 1/2 kg cut into small size
water 200 ml
sugar 100 gr
vanila essence 1 tsp
coconut milk (thick) 200 ml
corn flour 1 spoon (disolve with little water)

Boiled cassave with water until half cook, then add sugar and vanila essence and water has absorbed. When cassava get cooked add coconut milk and stiring frequenly with low flame. Let it boiled one time then in the end add corn flour to get thick sauce. serve hot or chill.


  1. Lia, this dessert must be lovely. I love cassava a lot, and your recipe is very inspiring!

    BTW, you have a great blog. I'll be back frequently. :D

  2. Anh: hi thanks for stopping by,u are very much welcome here :)

  3. Hi thanks for popping into by blog. I have never had sweet cassava, we always cook it hot and spicy or just have it boiled with salt and pepper. I love it.

  4. Saju: hi Saju thanks stopping here, u have to try sweet cassava its great dessert and better to served when its chill. Iam enjoying indian food also, smash cassava eaten with hot fish curry, really yummy indeed :)

  5. liaaaaaaaaaa miss ya too :P
    ntar deh ya aku ol, masih seksi sebok neh hehehe...

  6. Hi Lia, Cassava dessert looks yum! And that Tiramasu is to die for!!

  7. Isha: okew tar kalo ga sibuk kita ol ya bumil, miss u hugssssss

    Asha: thanks for stopping by, really no one can say no to tiramisu :D

  8. My mom used to steam it and then we eat it dipping in sugar. Too bad, we don't have fresh cassava here.

    BTW, nice blog and beautiful pictures!

  9. Lovely recipe and a good information.

  10. You have a lovely blog! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. :)

  11. Little corner: thanks for dropping by, we can make any type of dish for cassava, ur version we did also, the best served when its still hot :)

    Seec: thanks, hopely u may enjoy also :)

    East meet west kitchen: thanks for dropping here :)

  12. Your pics are so beautiful.
    I have never tasted cassava before.
    Your Tiramisu looks absolutely heavenly!

  13. Lia,
    I saw this dish, and it made me miss home. My grandma loves to cook this dish for us when I was little. I have not seen cassava in Seattle at all. ;( and thanks :)