Stir fried seafood vegetables

I got tagged from Aisha (paknesia food) to share what was my favorite food, In fact i dont know what is my favorite food because i loved all Indonesian food hehehehe....One of favorite dished is "cap cay" stir fried vegetables with seafood and fish ball. The best cap cay i ever had was at home. My mom she prepared almost2-3 times weekly because all family members love it.

Here i share with you my mom stir fried vegetables recipe, easy to follow and offcourse yummy indeed! The best served warm with jasmine rice and ice lemon tea as companion!

Recipe stier fried

-mix vegetables (carrot, beans, bak choy, cabbage, brokoli or any kind vegetables as u like) spring onion, red onion 1 big size cut into 6 pieces, fish ball 10 pieces cut small size, mix frozhen seafood 100 gr, garlic 4 crushed, oyster sauce 3 spoon, chicken stock 1, salt & papper for taste, few bits of ginger, corn flour 2 tsp, 2 spoon chinese vinegar.

Heat little oil in the pan then sautee garlic for a second then add ginger, add seafood and stir until colour has changed. Add fish ball little water and all vegetables then add all the seasoning. Stir frequenly, add corn flour with little water then put it on vegetables mix to get thick sauce. Sprinkle with spring onion and Serve immdiately!

For Ice tea: prepare tea as usuall then add few drops of lemon juice, add sugar and ice. Stir and serve while its cool


  1. anak rajin bikin PR ..gw males :p

  2. maklum murid teladan kekekekkekek :p

  3. bagus bagus dah dikerjain pr nya ibu kasi ponten cepek kalo dikasi capcaynya kekeke...