Spinach thoran

Thoran is tradisional dish in South India "Kerala". There are somany varieties vegetables u can used for thoran. Its sauteed dish of vegetables likes peas, cabbage, beans or spinach mix with grated coconut.

Red spinach 100 gr cut into small pieces, chick peas 50 gr (keep in the water over night then boiled it), onion 1 big size choped, jeera/cumin seed 1/2 tsp, turmeric powder 1 tsp, green chili 5 pices split into two, salt, 1 spoon cooking oil, 5 spoon grated coconut.

Mix together all the ingrederents except oil, then add little water, let it cooked for 10 min. In the end add cooking oil and stir frequenly until it water has finished and dry. Serve hot with jasmine rice


  1. dapur barunya kinclong uhuyyyy :P

  2. bumillll jangan pake nama gw yeh kinclong2 segala kekekekeke kopiright :p

  3. Isha: kikikiki makasih makasih "blushing"

    Ym: lo jangan tersinggung dunk kan maksudnya bumil dapur gw keyen "idih muji sendiri" ga tau maluw kekekekkekeke

  4. oooo - interesting dish! It looks good! And I love your new layout!

  5. Wah, lia aku juga berapa hr y.l masak spinach, cuman yg ini jenis bayem merah yah. Dapur barunya sejukkk.