Nasi goreng teri

Another version of Indonesian fried rice, its accompanion with small dried fish and egg. Nasi goreng in Indonesian known as breakfast dish, everybody prepared nasi goreng from left over rice at night. Just simple nasi goreng only adding egg as accompanion but nowadays there was so many ingiderents we can add on nasi goreng. Dried fish was familiar in Indonesia, made from any type of fish and fermented with salt and dry it in the sun for few days. Just before used u have to fried them with oil and drained.


2 plate cooked rice ( i used basmati rice), fried dry fish 50 gr, egg 2, onion 1 big size chopped, garlic 3 chopped, chili paste 2 tsp, soya sauce 2 spoon, salt and papper as required, spring onion for sprinkle

Heat oil in the pan the saute garlic and onion until fragrant then add chili paste for 1 min. Add egg then mix together until egg get cooked. Add rice and all the seasoning and stir frequenly. After all add fish fried and sprinkle with spring onion. Serve hot


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  3. I am curious what language you guys are speaking? This leftover rice recipe looks comfy...tx for sharing