Mie goreng Jawa

This is Javanese fried noodles (Red: Java is part of Indonesian Island) The speciality on this noodles is by adding ground candle nuts (kemiri) and dried small shrimp (ebi).

Recipe: Javenese fried noodles

1 packages noodless 250 gr, candle nut (kemiri) 3 pieces crushed, ebi (dried small shrimp) 1 tsp, garlic 3 cloves crushed, salt & papper for taste, 2 spoon soya sauce, meat balls 5 pieces cut into round, miz frozhen seafood 50 gr, spring 1 onion choped, cabbage 25 gr choped, bean sprout.

Boiled noodless then drain and put 1 spoon of oil to avoid sticky. Then heat oil in a pan and saute garlic for 1 sec, add meat balls and frozhen seafood, stir frequenly for 5 min and let it cooked. Add vegetables and stir for 2 min. Add noodless, soya sauce, salt and papper, mix together and all gettting cooked. The last sprinkle with spring onion and serve quickly


  1. Liaa...jadi inget jamannya masih kuliah nungguin tukang mie jawa/mie tek tek lewat, sekarang nungguin lewat mah..sampe taon depan juga nggak ada yg lewat..kecuali dianterin tetangga..he..he. Kirim dunk.

  2. mau mau mau liaaa gag nolak hehehe...

  3. That looks yum! I've never cooked noodles with candle nuts before.

  4. Retno: disni nunggu abang abang juga sampe jamuran, hehehhehe makanya bikin sendiri deh :) mau dikirim tapi ontaku lagi pada off semua xixixiixixix

    Isha: sini dunk ambil diri yak :p

    Wokandspoon: noodles with candle nut is special dish in my home town, really yum yum ;)