Gulai ayam

This is very famous dish in Indonesia and Malaysian, Chicken curry.
Chicken 1 kg cut into small piece, 500 ml thin coconut milk, 250 ml thick coconut milk, little sugar and salt for taste, 2 spoon cooking oil, 1 bayleaves and 2 lemon leaves

For paste:
-red thai chili 10 pieces
-1 small piece of tamarin
-1/2 tsp shrimp paste (Terasi )
-2 pieces cloves
-1 pieces cinnamon
-4 pieces candlenut
-coriander powder 2 tsp
-cumin powder 1/2 tsp
-shallot 2 big size
-garlic 4 pieces
-1 tsp pappercorn

Grin all together the paste ingiderents in the food processor keep a side. Heat oil in the pan the saute the paste until fragrant add bay leaves and lemon leaves. Then add chicken pieces and thin coconut milk. Add salt and sugar then stir to mix well until chicken is cooked through.

In the end add thick coconut milk and stand for a while before serving. Serve while hot with jasmine rice :)


  1. Liaaa...bagi dunk...ada penggemar gule nih, mulai gule ayam, ikan, kambing sampe gule singkong...semua aku suka.

  2. I love chicken curry..even though I don't eat so much chicken now. When I was really little in Malaysia and I was naughty, my mum used to tell me that if I was naughty I might go to jail and all I would have to eat in jail is rice and very hot chicken curry! So... I was always naughty! I loved chicken curry then! Your dish looks soooooo good!!

  3. Lia, your "Gulai ayam" looks good too. It looks like a Thai curry dish, but the paste ingredients are different from Thai curry. I will try this. I also would like to thank you for stopping by my blog. I'll be checking your blog for updates as well. Hey, I'm also starting a new site for recipe bloggers like us. If you submit a recipe from your blog, you can also post your website so that people know where to find more good recipes. :) It's at gretchenspantry.com. I hope you'll stop by and share a recipe, and let me know what you think!"