Nasi goreng kunyit

Sometimes i had confusion how to finished left over rice. Simple fried rice is my option, just for variation i prepared fried rice with tamarin powder and adding some lemon leaves.


Cooked rice 2 plates, mix seafood frozhen 100 gr, fish ball 5 pieces cut into small pieces, 4 lemon leaves, garlic 3 cloves crushed, salt and pappper powder, chickon stock 1 pieces, turmeric powder 1 tsp.

Heat oil in the pan then saute garlic for 1 min, add mix frozhen seafood and stir frequenly then add mix ball let it all get cooked. Add chicken stock, salt, white pepper powder and turmeric powder. Then add rice stil frequenly for 10 min and serve warm


  1. This looks really good! In Malaysia we used to have nasi kunyit with rendang but i've never tried nasi goreng kunyit!

  2. u have to try nasi goreng kunyit, its great and easy to prepare. waw rendang i love it also :)