Vermeseli Payasam

Its essensial dish for Hindu and Muslim feet celebration in India or South Asia, served in most festive occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and religious festivals.Tradisionaly made from rice but sometimes it can be also made from other ingidirents such us vermeseli. Payasam typically made by boiling rice with milk and sugar. Sometimes add flavored with cardamomom and pistachios, coconut milk is routinely used instead of milk.
I liked payasam but if made personally at home sugar was reduced by me.
If bought payasam in restaurant or authentic it seems must be too sweet, according to me right is not too sweet because I'm not all that liked sweet.
Vermeseli payasam:
-milk 500ml ( i used low fat milk)
-water 100 ml
-sagoo or tapioka pearl 25 gr
-vermeseli 50 gr
-chesnew 2 spoon chopped
-raisin 1 spoon, chopped
-cardamom powder 1 tsp
-butter or ghee 1 tsp
-sugar 150 gr ( i used only 75 gr)
Heat butter in a pan then fried raisin and chesnew for 1 min, set a side. Boiled sagoo by adding water until tender, then add vermeseli, milk, cardamom powder and sugar, boiled together and let it cooked. Heat this mixture in a thick bottomed vessel in simmer for 10-15 min in low flame.
Sprinkle with raisin and chesnew. Serve hot or cold

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