Veggy of the week

The simplest vegetarian cuisine means not eating meat from any animal, but eggs, milk and cheese are permitted. At its strictest, vegetarian cuisine can be vegan, excluding all animal products, such as meat, meat broth, cheese and other dairy products, eggs, gelatin, honey, and etc. Food usually regarded as suitable for all types of the vegetarian cuisine are tofu, cereal (including rice, pasta, grain, cornflakes and wheat), vegetables, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, spice, and all other plant food.

Sometimes we decided to become the vegetarian in a week, we abolished consumption of various red meat, chicken or seafood.
We only consumed various vegetables kinds, rice and fruits

Last weekend we prepared the lunch which consist of rice, sambhar, daal, salad, and thoran because he really liked cooking south India ate the menu this time was dominated by Indian cooking.

We had undergone the vegetarian for hole week and had a real result that was obtained us, my face I feel that became more clean and free comedo.
Although sometimes very heavy to release completely without meat or the fish,
but always one time in a month a week that was scheduled by us to become vegetarian.

Yogurt salad:
-1/2 cup yogurt
-cucumber 2 piece, choped
-tomato 1 piece, choped
-green chili 1 piece, choped
-mix all ingiderents and served cool
Beans thoran:
-beans 250 gr, cut into small piece
-carrot 100 gr, choped
-coconut granted 50 gr
-curry leaves 1 spring
-green chili 4 pieces, split into two
-onion, 1 big size, choped
-turmeric powder 1 tsp
-cumin seed 1/2 tsp
-chili powder 1 tsp

)Cut beans into very small pieces.
2)Grind together coconut, turmeric, onion and green chillies.
3)Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan.
4)Add mustard seeds and when they splutter, add beans, garlic and mix well.
5)Add the ground coconut masala.
6)Add curry leaves and salt, mix together and serve with rice or chapati

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