Rempeyek (peanut crackers)

Peyek was made from rice powder with the spice mixture as well as was increased the other additive like peanuts, Teri (small dried fish), etc..Usually was fried very thin in hot oil. Peyek form was similar very much with crackers.
Could be found in all shop in my home town, the market or in self-service.
In the village areas usually was enclosed in the wedding and any special occasion. By adding eggs on the ingiederents made peyek more crispy. When you eating one peyek then will be never enough ;)

-Peanut, 100 gr
-rice powder 125 gr
-tapioka flour 25 gr ( u can skip)
-candle nut ( u can subtitute with macadamia nut) 3 pieces, crushed
-garlic 4 cloves, crushed
-Coconut milk 350 ml ( i used only water)
-egg 1
-5 pieces lemon leave, choped
-oil for fry

Mixed that all the materials except peanuts, stirred level.
Coconut milk should not in poured all, Because the requirement for coconut milk depended the level of the flour drought.
Peanuts in mixed to flour batter right before poured to the wok.
To peanuts was awakened his drought.
The method fried: heated oil, poured 1 or 2 spoon the mixture into wok outskirts, fried until dry or brown colour.
Let it cool and keep in the tight container.


  1. Hi Lia. Those look good. Where is your home town?

  2. thanks, originally am from solo, central java indonesian, and how about u?

  3. Hello. I'm from Melbourne but was born in Kuala Lumpur and now I live in Frankfurt.
    I'm actually re-learning Indonesian right now!