Spicy Noodles

Spicy noodles is one of my trial cooking. Originally noodles is from Cina, but i used cumin seed and chili powder so tasted like Indian curry. Its so yummy and be ready to burnt your mouth :)

-1 package noodles
-chicken 1/2, boil it and cut into small pieces
-mushroom 1/2 can
-spring onion, for sprinkle

-garlic 3 cloves, crushed
-ginger 1/4 inch, grated
-soy sauce 1 spoon
-chili powder 1 tsp
-black pepper powder 1/2 tsp
-cumin seed 1/4 tsp
-salt as required

  1. Boil noodle till cooked and set a side, add 1/2 spoon oil to make them not thick
  2. Heat oil in wok then briefly saute ginger and garlic
  3. Add chicken and mushroom, then let it cooked and add 1/2 cup wate
  4. Mix in sauce, salt, chili powder, black papper and cumin seed
  5. Let it cooked and less water
  6. Serve noodles with chicken mushroom and choped springs onion

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