My work is related with cooking and kitchen. Its interesting job, you will be able to manage your team work in kitchen and offcource you will learn alot of things from them also. Theyal is Kerala tradional dish, i know how to prepare this curry after somany times seeing my cook preparing the curry. yes learning by doing right?
If you like to enjoy vegetables with coconut theyal may good option for you. Its just simple to prepare and real authentic taste of south Indian. Best serve with boiled rice and pickles :)

Recipe source: pachakam and modify by me ;)

-bottle gourd 1
-egg plant 2
-carrot 1
-potato 1
-drumstick 1
-yam 50 gr
-curry leaves 1 spring
-onion 2 big size, chopped
-tamarin i tsp, soaked with water
Wash all the vegetables and cut into desired shape

Ground to paste:
-coconut grated 1 cup, fry with little oil until brown colour
-fenugrek 1/8 tsp
-coriander powder 1 tsp
-chili powder 1 tsp
-dry red chili 3
-mustard seed 1/2 tsp
-turmeric powder 1
-salt as required

1. Fry the grated coconut without oil until brown colour with very low flame
2.Add chili pow, turmeric, coriander and fenugrek and stir for 1 min. Let it cool
3. Grind together the coconut and spices with little water util became paste
4. Add vegetables along with water and salt cook until vegetables tender
5. Add the tamarin water let it to boil
6. Next add coconut paste and stir well and let it boiled for one more time, be carefull should not too much water
7. Remove from the flame
8. heat little oil in the pan and add mustard seed until splutter then saute dry red chilis and curry leaves.
In the end pour fry mustd seed over the curry


  1. Lia... njuk mskn indiahe ndwong.. lg pgn tp kok males masake :((

  2. rasane kayak apa li...kayak rendang kah ? :P

  3. Blon pernah makan yang kayak gini Lia, kayak curry kita nggak rasanya atau lebih tajem bumbunya?

  4. Little corner: thank u

    AG: ayo mrene mengko tak masakke tak tunggu ya :)

    Elsye: bukan rendang tapi mirip lodeh wakakakka beda rasa pdhal :P

    Retno: rasanya pedes dan rich mba, enak koq, aku aja suka pake nasi :)