Oseng tempe

Tempeh is staple food for Indonesian. Even though I been away from my homeland, tempeh always served in my daily meals :D Am I get bored? the answer offcourse not, yups i do love tempe so much :D

Its my mom tempe version, stir fry tempe with green chili, taste like heaven with warm steam rice :P


Tempe (i used 200 gr) cut into cubes
Green chili 5, slice
onion 1/2 big size, choped
garlic 2, choped
bay leaves (Indonesian) 2
Galangal 1/2 inch
soya sauce 2 spoon
salt, papper and sugar for taste

Heat little oil in the pan the saute onoion, garlic and chili until fragrant, add bay leaves and galangal and then add tempe cubes. season with salt papper and sugar then add soya sauce. Mix well and be carefoul do not over mix other wise tempe will be broken
Serve while its hot with rice and sambal oelek


  1. aku wingi yo bar gæ tumis tempe pk kcg panjang saiki wes entek :D tak nggo mæm sego bungkusku

  2. Your tempe looks good! I like baaji when I go for my Indian buffet here.