Ayam Presto + award

Many thanks to all my friends whose gave me an award, i got an award from Saju , Sefa, Tie really i appreciated. Actually iam just amateur cooked, and i used to cook since iam getting bored dinned out. And now cooking was part of my hobbies that can realeased my stress and we can enjoy good without paying more ;)

I saw most of my friends got nominated award so this award i passed by to all foody bloggers female.

You're all Rocking Girl Bloggers!

Ayam Presto means chicken cooked on pressure cooker. Very delicious and moist every single bites, i can said this is the best way to cooked chicken and even u can enjoy the bones!!

Chicken 1 kg, cut into 6-8 pieces
2 stick lemon grass
2 inch galangal, crushed
garlic 2 spoon
coriander powder 2 tsp
ginger 1 spoon
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
water as required
salt as desired
3 lemon leaves
1 egg
oil for frying

Cut and wash chicken with lemon and drain. Arrange chicken pieces and add all the ingiderents except egg in the pressure cooker, add little water as required and cooked for 30 min or 1 hour (depends on your pressure cooker) until chicken get cooked including the bones. Cool completely then rub into egg whisk and fry them until golden colour. Drain and served with steam jasmine rice and sambal oelek ;)

Selamat makan!!!


  1. Congratulations on ur award Lia.....:-)
    Sadly,I cannot comment on ur dish as I am a veggie....but I will pass on this recipe to my hubby who is an avid non-veggie :-)
    looks good dear :-)

  2. wahh... asikk.. bikin ah... mumpung ada presto baru nih ;) sekalian nyoba ah... ngeces abis nih ...:)

  3. Enak banget Lia...,boleh dicoba nih.

  4. Sirisha: thanks for ur lovely commnet, chicken presto really delicous, hopely ur hubby like it ;)

    Tie; wahhhh punya presto baru, asikkk bisa masak ayam presto bandeng presto, semua yummmmm :D

    Retno: enak banget mba pautu dicoba, TOP deh ;)

  5. hi Lia, first time here.....congrats for your awards....nice blog you have got here...love your recipes

  6. Lia, this dish sound like our ayam percik but we grill the chicken and yours is fried. Looks really good.

  7. Oiiiiiii belum punya presto soalnya ngincer presto digital 3 in 1 (pressure cooker plus slow cooker plus steamer) ternyata pas balik ke toko itu sudah ilangg

    minta bagiin Lia aja dweh

  8. ini nih makanan kesukaan kalo pulkam semarang ayam presto... hmmm jadi pengen deh, yummy ...

  9. Cook it in a pressure cooker and then deep-fry it, wow the first for me too. Crispy and soft at the same time huh?

    What do you mean enjoy the bones too? Do you really eat the bones too? Sorry, I donno leh.

  10. I have all the spices. Maybe I can try this? Am so hungry now....:O

  11. bhags: thanks for dropping by, pleasure to share with u ;)

    icook4fun: yes, and i saw ayam percik was delicious am going to try soon :)

    Andaliman: waaaaa mau juga dunk pancinya Pep, halah laper mata liat alat masak :P sini dunk aku bagi entar ayamnya :D

    Nunung: yups emang enak banget ya apalagi pake sambel yg pedes topppp deh ;) thanks

    Little corner: i meant since the meat and bones was tender so u can enjoy the bones and really its crispy, u have to try and see how was the taste :D

    Tigerfish: came lets join lunch with us, its my pleasure :)

  12. ngiler amat nih Lia..sayang aku nggak punya presto an...kemarin mau bawa dari Indo..model baru yg kagak ngeluarin bunyi alias ngagetin..tapi nggak bisa bawa nya ternyata huu.

  13. hmmm ada ayam presto nih...pas banget puasaaa..coba ahhh...

  14. Congrats on your award Lia