Happy Onam!!

Today is big celebration for Malayee, South Indian.The most important things about Onam are the onakkodi, the new dress worn on this day and onam sadhya, a feast which is quite elaborate. This is usually a feast served on banana leaves and serves rice along with at least an array of 4 dishes. Traditional pickles and papadam are also served . Dessert - is usually 'payasam ' a sweet dish made of milk, sugar and other traditional Indian savories.

During Onam, people create a multi-coloured floral decoration on the ground in the front of their home called pookkalam. Young children especially girls are often entrusted with the task of gathering and laying out the flowers in elaborate patterns. Competitions are held on onam day to create this floral design. It is usually 1.5m in Diameter usually in circular shape. A lamp is usually placed as part of the design.

The Vallamkali (the snake boat race) is another event that is synonymous with Onam. Well-known races include the Aranmula Boat Race and the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. About 100 oarsmen row huge and graceful snake boats and men and women come from far and near to watch the snake boats skim through the water.

This festival is also important because of its popularity with all communities within Kerala. Although the festival of Onam originated with, and is connected to the Hindu religion, it is celebrated today with equal fervour by the Hindus, Muslims and Christians of Kerala.

Last year i cooked 9 dish for onam festival, but today i didnt prepare anything yet because we have lunch invitation outside, gathering with some friends, collage and staff. Really its wonderful festival, i can see everywhere outside home, Indian woman wearing new sareee with jasmine flower as hair accesories. Last night, i prepare payasam "sweet rice puding" which is common dessert served on onam ocassion. This time i prepare another version of payasam, i made from broken red rice and milk.
There are somany varieties for payasam, instead rice, u can use daal, vermeseli and tapioka pearl.With the same recipe u can make differents payasam as well.

This another version of payasam which was i prepared before:

Recipe for payasam:

Raw rice 200 gr, 3 litre milk, 700 gr sugar ( u can make it less if doesnt like sweet) 50 gr cheshew nut, 50 gr raisin, 2 spoon ghee, 1 tsp cardamom powder

Heat ghee in then pan then saute raisin and chashew nuts until brown colour, drain set a side. Boil the milk. Add sugar and mix well. When it boils again, add the washed rice in it. Simmer in medium flame. Cook till the rice is done. Add cardamoms powder and spinkle with cashew nut and raisin. Serve hot/cold.


  1. Happy Onam to you too! Nice write-up, I miss the onam feast at my fren's place back in India, the food was incredible!

  2. Happy Onam to you! This was quite an informative post, I was unaware of this custom. The feasting sounds wonderful, enjoy your holiday.

  3. Wow, payasam. Sorry to say I don't like payasam cos it is just toooooooo sweet for me. I don't have a sweet tooth so too bad.

    Happy Onam!

  4. manisan toh Li ?
    onam kiy opo tohh ? tanya kan boleh solae kan aku ga tau hehehe

  5. Jadi inget tadi ke Dino's beli samosa , liat di kasir ada tulisan DVD in Malayam on sale.. langsung keinget masnya Lia.

    Me and Sue have the same opinion about pasayam :d

    Happy Onam to you and your husband, anyway

  6. Happy Onam to you! The food looks so wonderful!

  7. Padma: thanks Padma. really its wonderful festival onam here, everybody enjoying food and having new dress ;)

    Kelly: thanks kelly, really we were enjoying the feast yesterday :)

    Sue sue: thanks really its wonderful occassion :)

    Ag: hooh ini manisan yg biasanya disajikan pas onam. onam itu festival india setahun sekali dimana mana orang bergembira, makan ala vegetarian dan pake baju baru. sejarahnya onam panjang ceritane :D

    Andaliman: makasih ya Pep atas wishnya, bener bener berkesan kemaren ngumpul banyak orang dan makan bersama.

    Untuk payasam kalo yg terlalu manis biasanya adatnya north indian, kalo yg south setahuku manisnya sedeng aja Pep, trus nih ya aku suka bikin sendiri soale gulanya terserah kita :D

    East meet west kitchen: thanks, the food only vegetarian but really yummy :)

  8. Happy Onam to you! Love the banana leaf rice!

  9. Belated Onam wishes to you too. Your spread looks beautiful.

  10. Hope you had a great celebration.
    Excellent spread Lia.