Beef steak

Arabic recipe are mostly grilling or berbeque.I got the recipe from my new cooking book recipe, beef steak Lebanese style.A simple and easy recipe for steak and serve over rice or pita bread :D

Sirloin meat 1 kg cut into cubes
potato 2-3 cut into cubes
2 carrot cut into round
50 gr green peas
1/4 cup parsley chopped
paprika 2 tsp,black papper powder 1 tsp, arabic spices masala 1 1/2 tsp
garlic 3 crushed, 2 big onion slice thinly
mushroom button 10 pieces, cut into two
water 2 cup
salt as required
oil for frying

1. Deep fry potato until brown colour, drained and set a side.
2. In the same oil fry meat until colour has changed and keep aside
3. In big bowl combaine carrot, green beans, meat, mushroom, water and all spices, mix well.
4. Transfer the meat into casserole dish and baked with 180 degree until vegetables and meat get cooked.
5. In the end add potato fried and peterselli, and baked for another 7 min (approximately)
7. Serve hot with pita bread and green salad.

Note: if u are using other than steak meat, time for cooking need longer time.


  1. wekekekek...gak diet lg yak Lia :-p

  2. Nana: inikan masakin abang Na hehehehhe "ngeles"

  3. Lia... cocok neh kayaknya nih resep... ada resepnya doner kebab gak haha... nglunjak..

  4. Lovely pictures lia.
    I am sorry that I couldn't comment much on the dish as I am a vegetarian

  5. Rita: ada nanti menyusul yaaaaa resep doner kebab,pasti segera akan aku post :D

    Seec: ups sorry , if u are vegetarian there are arabic vegetables grilled, i shall post it for u soon :) thanks

  6. It is so great how nearly every ethnic cusine has a recipe for steak and potatoes cooked in this fashion. I love that about food - how it really brings cultures together - as we all have common comfort foods, even if a spice is changed here or there! Looks wonderful!

  7. kekeke...lia dah lupa diet :D

  8. Koq pada ngomongin diet, emang lagi diet gitu?..tapi nggak diet makanan yg enak-enak khan....he...he.

  9. Jen: yes Jen no matter what spices for cooking, just make good combination we will get confort food as we like, thanks :)

    Anne: enak banget mirip doner kebab dagingnya :D

    Isha: dietkan kalo malam say siang tetep makan hehehehhhehe

    Retno: lagi diet mba Retno tapi dietnya diatas jam 7 malam, sebelom itu seh teteup makan dunk hehhehehehehe

  10. udah biarin aja liaaa yang pada komentar soal diet2 :P yang jelas itu makanan keliatannya enak bangetttt.... mau coba ahhhh... kayanya yummy bangetttt :)

  11. Annisa: hehehhehe dietkan bukan berarti ga makan ya Nis??? "ngeles" met nyoba ya say moga moga suka, thanks :D