(Green) Tagliatelle Tuna

Tagliatelle is classic homemade Itallian pasta. They can be served with a variety of sauces, though the classic is a meat sauce or Bolognese sauce. Nowadays i was crazy of green colour, i loved to see something green on my plate, i love to ate fresh green salad, green noddles even green cake! This is the simplest recipe to prepare pasta, it will be great to serve on your candle light dinner with the one you love offcourse do not forget red wine along with it :D

Garlic 3 crushed, 3 tsp olive oil, 150 gr cooked tagliatelle, 5 button mushroom sliced, 1 can tuna drained, 50 ml double cream (milk), pasta mix 2 tsp, salt & white papper.

In saucepan saute garlic with oil, add sliced mushroom and tuna along with the seasoning. Simmer for 1 min then add pasta and cream. Season and serve pasta with grated cheese.


  1. bagi dunkkkkk hehehe...

  2. buat gw aja..bumil ga usah :p

  3. Isha: gak ah "pelit" hehehhhehehe

    YM: ga boleh gw lagi pelit neh kikikikikikiki

  4. Lia...ijo royo-royo, bikin sehat ya. Btw, nggak lagi diet khan?..nggak mau bagi-bagi udah habis ya..hi..hi.