Ikan bumbu rujak

"Ikan bumbu rujak" is fried fish with spicy and sour sauce. Its Indonesian origin and was known in "warteg" (small restaurant along the street side). U can subtituted any kind of fish instead macarel, its best accompanion with warm jasmine rice :D hmmmmm i couldnt resisted to stop eating :D

Fish macarel 3 pices, ripe tomato 1 big size, red chili 5 pieces choped, 5 pieces bird chili, turmeric powder 1 tsp, candle nut 3 crushed, big onion 1 choped, garlic 3 choped, vinegar 2 tsp, lemon 2, 1 pieces lemon grass, 3 lemon kafir leaves, oil for frying and little water.

wash and clean fish with 2 lemon rinse well. Cut fish into two then add salt and deep fry until brown colour, keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan then saute onion, garlic, chili and candle nut until fragrant. add tomato chopped and stir. Then add lemon grass, lemon leaves and little water. let it boiled one time then add bird chili and vinegar. add salt and turmeric powder and stir frequenly. in the end add frying fish. serve with jasmine rice.


  1. Wow - you have been cooking up a storm! Thanks for introducing me to all these Indonesian foods. Makes me want to visit Indonesia! The ikan bumbu rujak looks really really nice!

  2. abang gw ga doyan ikan lia :P
    sapa nanya kekekekekekek =))

  3. Lia..aku doyan banget mackerel. Ikan bumbu rujak sama Ikan acar kuning agak mirip juga ya bumbunya. Besok-besok mo bikin ikan juga ahhh.

  4. wokandspoon: i was homesick thats way i have been posted and cooked Indonesian dish. wish u oneday visit indonesia, really beautiful and exotic food :D thanks

    Ym: abang gw juga ga doyan jadi kita embat berdua aja yak kekekekke

    Retno: iya mirip banget mba aku dapat resep ini dari warteg sebelah rumah heheheheh sempet nyatet dulu :D

  5. wow you have posted cool Indonesian dishes so far, I am really new to all of them, never heard or tried any...tx for those mouthwatering beautiful pix..