Sambar is lentil soup mix with any kind of vegetables. Cooked with presurre cooker to make the soup thicker. This sambar is one of the loved dishes in Kerala (South India). It accompanies with every meal they ate, and off course my hubby also love it:p First time i made sambar, it was turned me worsed, its horrible tasted because over seasoning. The ingiderents supposed for 2 tsp, but i used 3 table spoon, so u can image how it was the tasted, hehehehehe....But dont asked me how is it now, always my hubby told me its great sambar :))

There are so many ways to prepare sambar, but i used the simple one, hihihihi instead using any kind of masala or seasoning, u can use ready sambar mix seasoning :)
2 cups any kind vegetables
tor daal (yellow lentil) 1/2 cup
tomato 1 big size
shallot 1 big size, choped
sambar powder 1 table spoon
curry leaves 5 spring
green chili 3 pieces, split into two
  • Choped into big cunks any kind ofvegetables as your choice ( beans, okra, drum stik, yam, green banana, potato, and tomato) set a side.
  • Cooked toor daal with adding 1 cup water using pressure cooker until one time vessel
  • Add all vegetables choped, sambar powder and tomato into pressure cooker then boil one more time vessel
  • heat another pan, then saute shallot until brown colour, add curry leaves and green chili, saute until the aroma came out
  • Add the seasonong of shallot into the pressure cooker and give salt also
  • Let it boil for 5 min to make it thicker
  • served hot with any meal accompanies

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